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Something for Every Body

Memorial has classes to help meet different needs for people at every level of proficiency, from beginner to advanced.

The following regularly scheduled classes are offered at Memorial Hospital West Fitness Center in Pembroke Pines. To view a complete schedule with dates and times, view our class calendar.

And, there's more. Don't forget to check out our aquatic programs and our specialty and seasonal classes. You can also find a host of unique fitness classes, including Pilates reformer classes, at our sister facility, Memorial Regional Hospital Fitness Center in Hollywood.



Let the mix of international and Latin music energize you as our lively instructors have you moving to the beat. Who knew that exercise could be so much fun! The mix of simple, multidirectional choreography and fitness moves will have you loosening up in ways that few other forms of exercise can achieve. Even hardcore athletes value Zumba for its lateral moves and cross training benefits. Just be sure to leave your running shoes at home!

Zumba Gold

Zumba with all its fun and fanfare, just at a slightly slower pace and with choreography that is easy to latch onto. Zumba Gold will have you staying nimble and quick for years to come with its hip-swaying and reach-expanding moves. Never lose the ability to dance; it’s what keeps you young!

Zumba Sculpt Mix

It’s a one stop shop! Start with heart-pounding dance moves and finish with body-sculpting strength exercises that will have you strutting your stuff as you head out for a night on the town.

Dance Mix

Change things up a bit with a mix of instructors, music and dance styles that are fresh and exciting from one week to the next.


Relaxing Yoga

The art of meditation and healing yoga mixed with simple, yet essential, strength components necessary for healthy living. Slow down the paces, listen to your body and give it what it needs to begin working for itself.

Light Yoga (pink ribbon special)

Relaxing yoga taken up a notch with a bit more strength & flexibility that bridges the gap to multi-level yoga. The cueing and pace of this class focuses on body awareness and allows for the easy integration of lymphedema precautions.

Multi-level Yoga

This is a perfect class for the beginner, intermediate and advanced yogi to intermix and be inspired. Instructors artfully combine pose combinations and options by which all can perform, appreciate and be challenged.


A well-balanced yoga with equal parts Zen, flexibility and strength. Masterfully combined as only yoga can be, these exercise classes will leave you feeling more relaxed, energized, mobile and strong then when you came in.

Bar Yoga

Long, lean lines, tranquility, flexibility, empowering posture, remarkable balance, and gravity defying muscle/bone strength... What other yoga comprises of all these benefits?



Take the best of Pilates and the best of Yoga, and viola: Pi-Yo! It’s a perfect blend of controlled strength and flexibility with a Zen experience thrown into the mix.

Pilates (on the mat)

Develop your body’s strength, endurance, and flexibility through controlled and intentional movements that target precisely those areas intended while, at the same time, relying constantly on the ever-enduring core to tie them all together.

Pilates Strength Mix

Take the benefits of Pilates, add the advantages of weight training and you’ve got Pilates Strength Mix. Working with additional resistance from time to time is a great bonus for your muscles and bones. The variety mixed in is just icing on the cake!


Release and Roll

What stretches & recoils best: a rubber band with a knot tied in it or a rubber band without a knot? Allow foam rolling techniques to release the knots and adhesions in your muscles/myofascia so that your body’s range of motion and recoil can produce the agility and power that you desire!

Roll, Release and Reach

Take advantage of the range gained through foam rolling by following it immediately with stretches and body weighted active range of motion movements that encourages the body to retain its new found mobility. It is said that a muscle will lose range of motion gained from a static stretch within 6 minutes if not utilized. Use it!

Roll with Weakest Link

Take all that Roll, Release and Reach provide, then use it to assist with your weakest links. There couldn’t be a better combination!

Weakest Link

You are only as strong as your weakest link. Find it and fix it for maximized performance and minimized injury risk. This class reawakens muscles that commonly are turned off by poor muscle patterns and cheats. While this class may not be filled with power moves, it can bring even the best of athletes to their knees.

Strength – Multi-level Intensity

Stretch and Strengthen

No class provides a better variety and balance of strength and flexibility exercises than this one. The importance of making strength gains at the same at which rate flexibility is improved is exemplified notably in Stretch and Strengthen. Its concepts continue to lead the fitness industry in a smart direction.

Core in Motion

Your core is responsible for keeping you in neutral spine despite gravity, resistance and momentum constantly trying to pull you out of neutral. Stand up to the challenge and make it count. Your balance, orthopedic health and active lifestyle depend on it!

Booty Burn

There’s never been a burn more worth it! The power of the booty can’t be overstated. Besides the bounce it puts into your step, strong glutes provide balance, injury protection for your back and knees, and a dynamite physique that never will require a belt again. It’s all about that base!

Muscle Cut

Want that chiseled look? Searching for enhanced strength & muscle? Keep it simple, make it effective. Focus on the task at hand, resist the temptation to cheat with momentum and maximize your strength training results.

Core Strength Intervals

Just as the name suggests, this class is jam-packed with core exercises. Routines are maximized, however, to ensure that total body conditioning is still achieved without fail.

Cardio – Multi-level Intensity

Step Stomping

How many steps can you traverse before getting winded? Step classes are not for wimps! Prepare to step and stomp with a flare with which only a Master Step instructor can challenge you. Forewarning: a repulsion of stairs on the following day is highly likely. Ensure that an elevator is accessible when needed.

Cardio/Strength – Multi-level Intensity

Total Body

Would you like some cardio served up with your strength training? Total Body strength training combines upper and lower body maneuvers that sneak in the cardio without you ever realizing it. It’s a comprehensive, energizing workout that will leave you feeling strong, balanced and complete.

Skinny Jeans Workout

The art of wearing skinny jeans is not achieved by all, but it can be! Let this class melt, sculpt and mold your physique into the shape necessary to pull off the look. This class finely mixes cardiovascular and lower body strength exercises, with just a tad bit of upper thrown in for the perfect complement.

Step Intervals

Looking for that perfect mix of cardio & strength training that leaves no muscle untouched and steam pouring off of your body? This class will deliver all of that and then some. Bring a towel... you’re going to need it for the sweat dripping off of your brow!

Cardio/Strength – High Intensity

Body Sharp Focus

Strength training that keeps the heart rate up and then some... miraculously, without losing focus on form. Prepare to engage every inch of your body from head to toe for a complete, biomechanically-focused workout with the cardio edge that we’ve all come to love!

Kettlebell Boot Camp

So you think that you know everything that there is to know about Kettlebells? Bet that we can show you a few tricks that you never thought of! Let our experts show you how it’s done. From stability, to mobility, to endurance, to strength and momentum control... this class has it all. By the time that you’re finished, you’ll have burned a ton of calories without even realizing it. What could be better?

Training Camp

There’s an athlete in all of us. Find yours and take your potential to the max with a mix of speed, agility, strength, power, and endurance exercises that will have you ready for anything that is thrown your way!

Power Play

Do you have what it takes to generate the power, control and momentum that is necessary to handle a ViPR? The power is generated from the ground up, but the momentum control comes from your core. It’s time to test what you’ve got, then mix in some other toys to balance it all out for a heart-pounding, muscle-exhausting workout that will leave you craving more.

Spartan Rise

Train like a warrior! In preparation, you will be tasked with an onslaught of equipment and challenges that are not for the faint of heart. Every bit of your stamina, strength, stability and mobility will be summoned. Rise to the challenge and your efforts will be rewarded!

Rush Hour

This intense class of timed, circuit stations will have you struggling to keep up with traffic. As with any rush hour, you never know what obstacles and challenges will be thrown your way, but guaranteed they’ll keep your feet moving, your muscles pumping, and your heart racing.

Tabatta Take-down

Experience HITT (High intensity interval training) like only an athlete in training can relate to. Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to recover after each burst of speed or power, but only long enough to make sure that you can repeat it all over again!


Cardio Kickboxing

Kickboxing moves without the bag, but don’t let the lack of bag fool you. No bag means a faster pace, exhausting repetitions and a freedom of kickboxing choreography that will leave you gasping for air. The fittest endurance athletes are those who combine upper and lower body cardio. Prepare to become the best!


Have some pent up energy? Take it to the Bag. There’s no better release! Kick it, punch it, and chop it until there’s nothing left but a feeling of total elation and zen. Who needs yoga! Gloves are not required, but definitely allow for a bit more oomph behind that punch.

Ultimate Kick Camp

For those who enjoy a little variety mixed in with their kickboxing, prepare to have the wind taken out of you! There’s nothing like a few equipment-driven strength, momentum and endurance exercises to get you kickboxing like a champ. Gloves are not required, but definitely allow for a bit more oomph behind those moves.

Kickbox Underground

Kickboxing like no other! Muay Thai Kickboxing emphasizes fully-integrated upper and lower body combinations that challenge the core’s strength and stamina to the max. Top it off with moving targets, as well as stationary, and you’ve got a class that will keep you on your toes, if not your knees. Gloves are highly recommended for maximum experience.

MMA Academy

Train like an MMA (Mixed martial arts) athlete. Build the strength, agility, and stamina, not to mention abs, necessary to take it to the next level. This non-stop, reaction-packed class will have your heart racing and fat melting without even realizing it. If you like to exercise with purpose, this class is for you!


Cycle Funk

Cycling with attitude! You’re at the mercy of the music’s beat and the instructors desire to bring on the funk. Never the same play list, full of twists and turns, get ready for an adventure! Cycle shoes work best, but are not required.

Cycle Climb

A little endurance mixed with a lot of strength. This class will leave your legs feeling like Jello, but as hard as a rock. Mount Trashmore has nothing on this class! Come for the challenge, join in the grunts and groans, and leave knowing that you are unbreakable. For the ultimate experience, cycle shoes work best, but are not required.

All-Terrain Cycle

Where else can you cycle over hills, thru mud, on top of gravel, against the wind, and in the rain... all without leaving the comforts of air conditioning? OK, so a little imagination will be required, but the variety and effects of your workout will be all the same. Bring your strength and endurance; you’re going to need them! Cycle shoes work best, but are not required.

Cycle Cross-train

Love cycling, but want a mix of alternate endurance exercises to keep the body in balance? Then, this is your class. Cross training is a fun and invaluable tool to keep your body on its toes. Check it out! Cycling shoes are NOT PERMITTED.

Cycle Cut

Alternating periods of Cardio and Weight training has this class offering a lot of bang for its buck without the impact. Simple, yet effective strength and sculpting exercises, combined with the endurance benefits of cycling, leaves you with a smartly-balanced workout to be proud of. Cycling shoes are NOT PERMITTED.

Cycle Tour

Leg and glute endurance are the first to go when we decondition, yet we need them to keep up with our active lifestyles. Join in on this group bike ride without ever leaving the comforts of air conditioning or risking the dangers of traffic. Pump your legs to the rhythm of the music and get on your way! Cycling shoes are NOT required.

Kid's Classses

Boot Camp Kids

There isn’t a class geared toward keeping your kids moving more than this one. This non-stop, action-packed class will not only keep your child’s attention, but have them exalting in joy and laughter from the myriad of fun and games delivered week to week.

Kid's Dance Party

No games, no competition, no roughhousing; just fun dance moves that will have the kids sweating and grooving to the music! No dance experience required. It’s just about getting down and having a good time.

Kid's Athlete Start-up

This class is geared toward building the foundation for agility, hand/eye coordination and numerous other skill sets that will make participating in recreational sports a fun and positive experience. Give a head start to your kids so that they can come to know the joy that sports were meant to deliver!

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