Swimming Lessons

Get in the Flow

Private and group swimming lessons are available year-round with our certified American Red Cross water safety instructors in our indoor, heated pool. Please contact us for rates and registration information.

Children's Group Lessons

The following classes meet eight times for 30 minutes each.

Manatee (6 months – 3 years)
This is a water adaptation class for parents and children. The goal is to teach the parent how to familiarize their child with a fun, safe water environment, and to introduce basic stroke mechanics to the child. The parents also learn basic water safety.

Dolphin (3 – 5 years)
The children will be introduced to basic water safety and swimming skills. This class is designed for different levels, and each child is taught at his or her own level.

Seal (6 – 9 years)
This class is designed for older children with limited swimming abilities. The instructors teach basic water safety, the front crawl stroke, and survival floating.

Private Lessons for Adults and Children

Private lessons are for adults and children as young as 3. Weeknight and Saturday sessions are available.

Pool Information

The pool at Memorial Hospital West Fitness Center is used for therapeutic as well as recreational purposes. For the sake of our aquatic therapy patients, we maintain the pool temperature at 92-94 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is several degrees warmer than the typical nontherapeutic heated pool, but still appropriate for recreational swimming.

Use of the pool is open to all members of Memorial Fitness Centers, as well as holders of a guest pass.guest pass. Lockers are available and showers have a separate dressing area where you can change clothes in privacy.

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