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If you're looking for a fitness program that can help you lose weight, gain strength and flexibility, and improve your cardiovascular health, you'll find it in BODY QUEST, a customized fitness program that lasts for a full 12 weeks.

Just sign up, and our Body Quest experts will provide the instruction and motivation to help you begin reaching your goals.

Our 12-Week Body Quest Program Includes:

Body Quest® Success Stories

Body Quest is more than just an exercise regimen. It is aimed at changing habits and behaviors that typically hold you back from achieving your goals. Whether it is an issue of self-esteem, motivation or self-confidence, we can help you address it.

See what real people at Memorial Fitness Centers have to say about their Body Quest experience:

Body Quest Diana
Age: 49
Pounds Lost: 32
Inches Lost: 7.75
Body fat % lost: 10.3
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body quest dianaDiana's goal was to get in shape and find the energy to keep up with her daily routines. With the warmth and encouragement of Pam, a registered dietitian, and Luis, a certified personal trainer, she was able to start making important lifestyle changes right away.

Pam taught Diana to manage her metabolism by not skipping lunch and by eating small meals throughout the day. Meanwhile, Luis designed a gentle but challenging exercise program for her that allowed her to build muscle without straining her injury-prone knees.

By the time the 12-week program was over, Diana had lost 4 inches from her waist, 2.5 inches from her hips, and 1.25 inches from her thighs.

The transformation was complete when Diana went hiking in the mountains of North Carolina with her three children, who ranged in age from 15 to 25.

"I was more energetic than my kids," she said.

Body Quest Doris Doris
Age: 43
Pounds Lost: 18
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body quest DorisDoris was a lupus patient in search of a medically safe fitness program that would give her the tools and discipline to achieve a healthy lifestyle. When she discovered BODY QUEST, she realized it was the perfect way to lose weight, boost her energy and improve her overall health.

Memorial's friendly, positive trainers taught Doris to eat small, well-balanced meals every three hours and to position her body properly during weight-training sessions. Before long, she was gaining muscle, losing fat and developing newfound confidence in her ability to heal.

How does Doris feel now? In a word, "Fabulous!" In fact, she enjoyed BODY QUEST so much that she's re-enrolled again and again. Formerly a size 12, she now wears a size 6, and she no longer needs medications to manage the lupus.

body quest SusanSusan
Age: 52
Pounds Lost: 20
Body fat % lost: 11
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body quest SusanSusan joined the BODY QUEST program for two reasons. First, her cholesterol level was 282 and her doctor was considering putting her on medication. Second, her son was stationed in Iraq – and she was not handling the stress very well.

Susan says her results have been "truly amazing." Her cholesterol went down by 62 points, and she has learned to cope with stress by exercising instead of eating. And while other diet and exercise programs had given her mixed results, she found that BODY QUEST's emphasis on weight training was crucial to helping her build muscle and lose fat.

"I have a flat stomach, I got rid of the 'batwing' arms, and I'm stronger than I've ever been. My personal trainer is terrific and makes working out fun," she says.

body quest jessicaJessica
Age: 18
Pounds Lost: 23
Inches Lost: 12
Body fat % lost: 3
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body quest jessica Jessica's BODY QUEST goal was to lose weight, lower her body-fat percentage and improve cardiovascular endurance so she could meet the physical requirements to join the U.S. Air Force. An 18-year-old senior at American Heritage High School, she wanted to work as a chemical engineer for NASA.

With a positive attitude and impressive dedication, Jessica succeeded in all of her goals. She lost 23 pounds and reduced her waist by 4.5 inches, her hips by 3.5 inches and her thighs by 4 inches. Her body fat dropped 3 percent. To give her accomplishment a practical perspective, she started wearing clothes 2 sizes smaller than when she started BODY QUEST. Thanks to the program and her own hard work, she was more and more confident every day that she would achieve her ultimate goal: being physically ready to join the Air Force.

body quest Alex Alex
Age: 48
Lean weight gained: 15
Fat weight lost: 6.5
Body fat % lost: 4
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body quest alexA 48-year-old Miami-Dade County schoolteacher, Alex started the BODY QUEST challenge after having major back surgery and enduring about seven weeks of inactivity. His weight had dropped to 185 pounds and his body fat was more than 20 percent. That meant he was carrying 147 pounds of lean weight and 38 pounds of fat. It wasn't the normal fitness level for Alex, who loves to play racquetball and basketball.

Although he missed one week of BODY QUEST training due to minor follow-up surgery, his results were impressive. At the final evaluation, Alex had reached his goals. He gained the weight he wanted to gain and tipped the scales at 194 pounds. In addition, his body fat dropped to 16 percent. That meant he was carrying 162 pounds of lean weight and only 32 pounds of fat.

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