Class Descriptions

Something for Every Body

Memorial has classes to help meet different needs for people at every level of proficiency, from beginner to advanced.

The following regularly scheduled classes are offered at Memorial Regional Hospital Fitness Center in Hollywood. To view a complete schedule with dates and times, view our class calendar.

And there's more. Don't forget to check out our extensive Pilates programming and specialty classes as prenatal yoga and more.

You can also find a host of unique fitness offerings, including aquatic classes and children's fitness programs, at our sister facility, Memorial Hospital West Fitness Center in Pembroke Pines.

Group Fitness Classes

Abs and Back “Core Training”

A half-hour class focusing on the abdominals and back. Learn different exercises and tools to keep it fun and effective.
All Levels

Arm and Abs solution

Get the sculpted arms and shoulders you've always wanted while challenging the muscles of your abdominals and lower back in this intense 30 min workout. Start now and have that tank top ready body year round

Booty at the Barre

This dynamic and low-impact class will burn calories and sculpt your entire body using ballet, dance, yoga and Pilates exercises. You may not be a professional dancer, but you can look like one!

BOSU Circuit

Cardio strength training using the bosu ball, jump ropes, and weights.
Modifications offered for varying fitness levels.

Butt & Gut

A 30-minute fast paced class designed to help you transform your "Butt & Gut" into "Glutes & Abs." You will move through a series of exercises that will keep your muscles guessing. Come join in and learn how to do: "The Flying Angel," "The Spiderman," "The Otter," "The Rock Star," and, "Windmills," just to name a few.

Cardio Cut

Low impact cardio with strength training.
All Levels

Cardio Mix

High-energy workout that combines cardio, balance and strength training using jump ropes, bosu balls and weights.
Intermediate and advanced levels.

Cardio Sculpt

Creative and Fun workout alternating between cardio drills and strength training intervals. This overall body training session is designed to burn the maximum amount of calories. Vigorous, yet straight forward! This easy to follow challenging class works with muscle conditioning to shape and define the body.

Cycle Abs and Back

This class starts with a 30 minute cycling class and ending with 20 minutes of abdominal and back strengthening exercises.

Cycle Cut

A 50 minute class alternating between riding the stationary bike and body sculpting. This will provide you with both cardiovascular AND weight training benefits. If you like cycle classes, you'll LOVE cycle cut!

Cycle H.I.I.T

Intervals of hills and sprints on the stationary bike with high intensity training (burpees, mountain climbers, squat jumps, etc) off of the bike. Create a maximum calorie burn while strengthening every muscle group!

Dance Cardio

Easy to follow dance moves. More like a fun night out than a grueling hour at the gym. No dance background needed. Innovative, adventurous, enthusiastic feel good factors center around dance incorporating exciting elements of motivation!

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)

This is an advanced class that pushes you to the extreme incorporating intense cardio, plyometric and strength training movements.
Intermediate and advanced levels.

Instructors Choice

A class that incorporates a variety of exercise incorporating strength, flexibility, and conditioning.

Fuze Craze Dance Fitness

Creative movement that blends aerobic training dance with muscle toning for a total body workout. This class builds fitness level with easy-to-follow choreography. All-level’s welcome! No experience required! Join Denna on Friday’s to start your weekend early!

Indoor Cycling

A class for those who want a true physical challenge.
Intermediate and advanced levels.

Maximum Strength

Increase muscular endurance and strength through grounded and polymeric exercises. A variety of equipment will be used including body bars, weights, resistance bands, and stability balls.
All Levels

Memorial Milers

This 1/2 marathon training group culminates with the A1A 1/2 marathon in Fort Lauderdale in February. You’ll have the camaraderie of a pacing coach, over 100 other participants and a weekly training schedule. An additional fee is required for this group.

Pilates Ball

A workout using stability balls focusing on core flexibility and strength.
All Levels


A class combining Pilates and Yoga that will increase flexibility and core strength.

Pilates Mat

A class that focuses on core (abs, gluts, hips, & back), strength and flexibility using slow, controlled movements.

Power Sculpt

This all over body workout sculpts every muscle group using a mixture of dumbbells, resistance bands, and your own body weight. Always fresh, this class is sure to challenge your body, tone your muscles, and keep your workouts fun. A yoga stretch at the end of class will leave you energized and refreshed.

Rhythm Pilates

This class combines both dance and pilates while providing fun cardiovascular movement and core strengthening. Get moving to the RHYTHM!!

Ride Run Row

Focus on your cardio with crosstraining on the treadmills, rowers, and bikes. Receive coaching and motivation from our Ride, Run, and Row experts!! Sculpt legs with low impact on the bikes; work on speed and distance on the treadmills (walkers welcome!); and condition back, arms, and gluts on the rowing machines.

Rush Hour

A high energy class that combines toning/cardio at an interval pace. Burn off the Rush Hour stress with a great workout.. All levels welcome!


Allow Alex to share this amazing, hot Latin dance with you! This hour will raise you Salsa level in all areas. Join and discover the dancer in you!

Sit and Tone

Get off your feet, sit in a chair and be fit. In this class, the instructor will create a safe and nurturing environment for those people that are new to exercise or returning to exercise after an extended period of time. This class includes cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility segments.


Low impact cardio with strength training for a full hour and fifteen minutes!

Spin and Stretch

This class starts with a 30 minute cycling class and ends with 20 minutes of intense stretching for the entire body. Enjoy!

Stretch and Strengthen

This class will help you increase flexibility and muscle strength by utilizing rubberized band and dumbbell weights.
All Levels

Super Circuit

Combine cardio and strength training with this high intensity interval training.
All Levels

Super Cycle Cut

Low Impact cardio with strength training for a full hour and fifteen minutes!

Tabata Flex

30 minutes of Interval training followed by 30 minutes of Flexibility.

Tabata Strength

30 minutes of Interval training followed by 30 minutes of Flexibility.

Train to Win

Improve your fitness level, balance, coordination, flexibility, dexterity and agility in order to achieve a better score or time! You'll also end up losing some weight and having more attractive muscles too! Coach Kenrick is an Exercise Physiologist. Find out how to be as fit as possible while preventing and/or healing injuries. This class is a must for anyone who wants to stay fit for a lifetime!


Spend less time and accomplish more. An all body workout that includes cardiovascular & strength training utilizing functional movements. Spend less time and accomplish more.


A great cardiovascular workout with a Latin flair. Dance the calories away.
All Levels

Zumba Toning

When it comes to body sculpting, Zumba® Toning raises the bar (or rather, the toning stick). Learn how to use lightweight, maraca-like Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and tone all the target zones, including arms, abs and thighs. Zumba Toning is the perfect way to sculpt your body naturally while having a total blast.

Yoga and Relaxation Classes

Classes marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended for breast cancer patients.

Gentle Yoga and Relaxation*

Experience gentle stretches, breathing exercises, mental imagery, and soft lights and soothing music. Join us for 50 minutes of total relaxation.
All Levels

Kundalini Yoga*
This type of yoga encompasses and draws from all types of yoga techniques. It includes breath, yoga postures, sound and meditation. This class will help to strengthen your nervous, glandular and immune systems as well as helping to improve your flexibility.
A class combining Pilates and Yoga that will increase flexibility and core strength.
Prenatal Yoga

This class is designed to strengthen and stretch muscles while preparing for childbirth. It provides a great opportunity for expectant moms to take time for themselves. All levels. Physician's consent required prior to participation.
For more information click here
All Levels

An invigoration class that consists of meditation, breathing, and postures. At the conclusion of this class you should feel totally relaxed, both mind and body.
Yoga Flow
A yoga flow practice by synchronizing breath with movement and building on knowledge of the basic poses, with posture variations while building strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. Emphasis on deepening awareness of the body, and understanding of alignment principles. A restorative and meditative final relaxation will seal all classes.
Yoga Nidra

A class for muscular, mental and emotional relaxation. Rest, balance, and restore while tapping into new sources of energy through meditative practice.
All Levels

Yoga for Women
Yoga for Women is for all Ages and Stages of the Feminine Life Cycles. This class is a Zensual Fusion of Body Toning, Muscle Lengthening, Core Strengthening, Chakra and Hormone Balancing...and Body Bliss Relaxation.

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