Memorial Milers

Go the Distance

If your dream is to complete a half marathon, Memorial Milers is for you.

No experience is necessary to join this training group, which has more than 160 members at varying levels of fitness. Everyone will be divided into teams led by pace coaches who help them increase their stamina, speed and distance. At the start of the training, they will cover three miles, and by the end of the 16-week training, they will cover 12 to 13.

The group meets at the scenic Hollywood boardwalk on Sunday mornings. For the other days of the week, the head coach provides a progressive training schedule with suggested running, cross training and stretching activities.

Memorial Milers includes educational clinics on such topics as hydration, cross training, sports nutrition, athletic clothing and footwear.

For information about joining Memorial Milers, contact Memorial Fitness Centers or click here. Please note that the registration fee for the Fort Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon is not included with your Memorial Milers club fee.

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