Strengthen Your Core

Pilates is an exercise program that focuses on the core muscles of the body for all-over flexibility, balance and strength without building bulk. Many people find that Pilates can help alleviate neck, back and shoulder aches while creating positive changes in the way they move, exercise and feel.

pilates reformer passPilates can be performed on a sophisticated apparatus called a Pilates reformer, or it can be performed on a mat with simpler types of apparatus. Memorial Regional Hospital Fitness Center in Hollywood offers group classes in both of these popular styles. For those who want personal training in the use of a Pilates reformer, we also offer private sessions. These appointments are set at your convenience and held in our private Pilates studio. Small-group personal training (Team Reformer Training) is also available.

For those interested in Pilates reformer group classes, Memorial offers a special advantage: Unlike most local gyms (which admit 10 to 20 people to a reformer class), Memorial limits its reformer classes to only six people so every student receives personalized attention.

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