Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Achieving Optimum Health and Recovery

Whether you were recently diagnosed with cardiac or pulmonary disease, have been living with a condition for years, or are trying to prevent disease, an appropriate program is available for you.

Memorial's hospital-based fitness and rehabilitation centers, offer medically supervised exercise to help clients with health challenges in their efforts to achieve safe, effective workouts. Education also plays an essential role in our programs. It is offered one-on-one and in group settings. Topics may include nutrition, behavior modification and risk reduction.

If you are interested in participating in Memorial's Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, please obtain approval from your physician and contact us to schedule an interview with a member of our trained staff. We will review your specific medical history and stress test results so a rehabilitation program can be customized to address your specific needs. In many cases, the program is covered under your health insurance.

Memorial Cardiac & Pulmonary Fitness Rehabilitation Program

The following is an overview of our cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation and preventive programs, as well as the medically supervised fitness programs that complement them. Click each link below for details.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase II cardiac rehabilitation is a physician-referred program that assists you and your family in the physical and emotional recovery following a cardiac event. Designed as a follow-up to Phase I (inpatient) cardiac rehabilitation, Phase II's outpatient strategy consists of individual and group education sessions, stress management classes and exercise sessions.
Memorial Fitness Centers provides Phase II cardiac rehabilitation patients with

Your progress in the program is reported to your physician on a regular basis.

Lifestyles, is designed especially for people who have had a heart attack, bypass, stents or angioplasty. It combines exercise with nutrition education, stress management and group support. Read more about Lifestyles.

Memorial also has a support group called Mended Hearts for patients with heart disease, as well as their family members and caregivers. Participants learn to understand and express their emotions in a supportive environment. This group meets on the third Sunday of each month. Please call (954) 981-6346 for more information on Mended Hearts.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation / Respiratory Therapy

Phase II pulmonary rehabilitation / respiratory therapy is a physician-referred program devoted to pulmonary disease management. Designed as a follow-up to Phase I (inpatient) pulmonary rehabilitation, Phase II's outpatient strategy consists of one-on-one sessions focusing on self-care, energy conservation and safe exercise.

Memorial Fitness Centers provides Phase II pulmonary rehabilitation / respiratory therapy patients with

Programs to Help Prevent Cardiac and Pulmonary Incidents

Did you know that regular exercise, medical care and proper nutrition can help you control your blood pressure, your cholesterol, your body weight and stress?

"It's amazing what you can accomplish in just one hour. If you are interested in reducing your risk of heart disease, or you have a mild pulmonary condition and would like to get started on your path to wellness, you might consider the Resolution Program at Memorial Hospital West Fitness Center in Pembroke Pines. This medically supervised exercise program offers individualized exercise regimens, risk reduction, and classes in stress management and nutrition." Read more about the Resolution Program.

Your personal goals and needs will help your physician and our staff determine which one-hour program is best for your preventive health needs.

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation offered at:

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