Baseball & Softball Strength Training

Increase Your Power on the Field

Exercise physiologist and former Major League Baseball player Bruce Aven designed the Memorial Sports Center Baseball and Softball Strength Program, which has been very successful since it launched in 2004..

The program complements the hitting, pitching and fielding skills we teach in our baseball and softball skill program by helping to develop players' strength, speed and attitude. Emphasis is placed not only on reaching the goals set for our athletes, but teaching them how to work in-season and off-season. We have a distinct advantage because our staff members have been down the roads our athletes are trying to follow. Our players have been signed by the University of Miami, Florida State University, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Nova University, Louisiana State University and many others, and we have seen close to 20 players drafted by Major League Baseball. While those stories are especially inspiring, we are also proud to have worked with players who made their high school teams after being cut.

If you want to be the best, you must learn how to work like the best. Call
(954) 844-1064 for more information.

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