Return to Sport

Don't Let Injuries Keep You Sidelined

The Return to Sport program is for injured athletes who wish to return to competition as quickly and effectively as possible.

Through our knowledge of sports injuries and integrated functional exercises, we help you enhance your performance, strength and confidence.

What We Do

We delve deeper to treat not just your injury, but the underlying causes, to help prevent future occurrences.

You will begin with a functional assessment by a licensed and certified athletic trainer. Tests included in the assessment:

Throughout the entire process, doctors, physical therapists, exercise physiologists and athletic trainers communicate continually to help you in your efforts to achieve full and complete return to your activities. You will be sent home with exercises so your rehabilitation continues between sessions.

Go Beyond Rehabilitation to the Next Level

Our program is designed to help return you to your pre-injury level or better. Each program is sport- and athlete-specific, concentrating on key areas with the goal of safely and effectively helping you prepare to get back in the game.

Call 954-844-7125 for more information.

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